Sunday, 20 July 2014

A Party For Miss P!

I thought I'd post some pictures of the Little Miss on her birthday and during the little party we had for her. She had the best time, quickly getting the idea that presents meant ripping paper off boxes and getting to play with what was inside, and realising that birthday cake is delicious!!

 We sang happy birthday which just made her smile, then she tried to grab the lit candle of course! She was kind of bewildered when we put the cake in front of her and she realised she could touch it and smash it! After cake and a clean up it was present time, and then time to play! All in all she had a pretty great first birthday experience.

Then on the Saturday we got ready for her little party with a couple of friends. I had made the world's awesomest birthday cake (well...I decorated it, the Cheesecake Shop actually made it!), and I set up a very cute Wonderwoman cross PowerPuff Girls display. It was pretty awesome. :)

 At least one little person was super excited about the party, but another little person was kind of worn out.......

 After a sleep it was time to party, and at first was a little shy......

 Looking to her very best friend in the whole entire world for guidance on how to open a present.......

And then it was time for some food. This is very serious business you know (at least for the birthday girl!). 

 After eating Little Miss Wonderwoman became much more sociable and happily played for hours!

 Miss Siena and Master Zac enjoyed their food and then they too happily played with all the new toys for hours as well. :)


So now onto what else has been keeping me busy is the invitation to my upcoming exhibition! I spent quite literally days playing in Photoshop getting them just right, and then had to get the design approved by the City of Rockingham because they are supporting it (and therefore their logo had to go on all the marketing material). I will say.....Photoshop is both awesomely amazing, and awesomely frustrating. I have a definite love/hate relationship with it. But I do love my invitations.

And lastly, here is some of my newer artwork, including a piece that I sold and had to say goodbye to last weekend.  Sad because it really is one of my favourites, happy because it's exciting and gratifying to sell work that will be in an exhibition before the exhibition even starts! (and even better that the buyers were happy to have it 'borrowed' back for the show!).

'Against the Odds' is a large mixed media piece and it was awesome to hang it in the new owners' home and see how well it works in the space she had chosen for it.

 Inception / Revelation is a wax and ink piece and will be the opening piece for the exhibition.

 Thoughts In Perspective (Perth Bell Tower) will be in the exhibition but is actually my entry for the prestigious Black Swan Heritage Awards which are a juried art award held annually in Perth. With a prize of $20,000 it is one of the most prestigious awards in Australia and it will be such a massive honour to simply be selected as a finalist. I find out on August 1st if my entry has made it through to the exhibition or not. The awards required that you focus on an element on Perth that is worth saving for the future. I really like my painting, and while I know that's the most important thing it will be amazing to be chosen as a finalist, so fingers crossed for me!

 Minneapolis is one of my favourites, for obvious reasons!

Seattle is my newest skyline piece and I am really so happy with it. I just love being able to do this full time, and to see the rewards for my efforts finally start to emerge. 

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Penelope Wonderwoman is ONE!!!!

Today is Little Miss P's first birthday, and I just can't quite believe it.

This time a year ago we had just been sent home from the hospital because they were so full and we were waiting on a couple of other women to give birth so we could go in. Less than an hour later we were on our way and at 5:23pm our beautiful, squishy, tiny little girl came into the world.

Those first couple of nights were a precursor to what was to be, little did we know that this little bundle of joy would be such a sleep depriving machine! She has never been one to sleep consistently all night, and at 8 months we thought we hit the jackpot when she started sleeping all night every night! Little did we know it was just another illusion and she's back now to her sleepless ways.

I've never seen someone more amazed and proud than her Daddy right then......

She has made us laugh so much with the little things she does....

 She has filled our hearts with so much love with her smiles.....

 She has the most adoring siblings in the world, they argue with each other but they all turn to goo when she's around.....

 She pulls the funniest faces....

 And does the funniest stuff, like fall asleep with her pram straps in her mouth!

 She loves to be naked....

She loves tv and video games. Her favourite show is Peppa Pig, but ads are always good to watch and dance to as well!

She loves Grover and Tigger and sleeps with them everynight....

She's a crazy baby sometimes!

She thinks she's so clever walking around everywhere, and now she's trying to run and climb too!

She squeals and laughs and can say Mum and Dad and Bob (don't ask, we're not sure!)....She can say Yoda and talks to our alarm clock (Yoda) every night when she's getting ready for bed. She loves music and loves to dance and 'sing'. She won't lay still to have her butt changed anymore and knows that her shoes and socks go on her feet and hats go on her head. She seems to love tulle skirts as much as her Mummy does, and loves her family and the doggies too more than anything. 

Happy happy birthday baby girl, we love and can't wait to see what the next twelve months brings! 


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