Friday, 28 July 2017

Day 57

July 27 2017

I am so over our winter. Seriously, this rain and grey cloud blanket needs to disappear quickly.


Nevertheless, the monsoon like wet weather (yes, it really does turn on and off, full force like a tap) has had me inside finishing up our hallway 💓

The photos are changeable, and I can add things as I want. It's only marker so it really won't be an issue to paint over when we want to change it in the future.

I love it.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Days 55 - 56

July 25 - 26 2017

New project!! Cause I don't already have enough haha.

Actually this was something I was so excited to do and had planned for quite some time.

It's not finished yet, but it's not far off. As a side note, I legitimately love drawing on walls.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Days 52 - 54

July 22 - 24 2017

Saturday was spent finishing off all of the half put away things in preparation for a BBQ on Sunday. Seeing as we had decided having other actual human beings over less than 2 weeks after moving in, I figured we should try and make the house look respectable. 
I succeeded!! 

Sunday was, as already mentioned Barbeque Day! 

And it rained. And rained. And rained with some wind. 


Nevertheless we had a great time and got to show everyone our new home! 

Monday (today) was more hardware store shopping, some laundry organisation, more rain and I'm kind of over the weather actually. We also made a dog poop worm farm which was exciting and kind of fun. Well, fun for me because I wasn't the one drilling a gazillion holes in a rubbish bin haha.  Penelope Wonderwoman did find it very interesting though and was only slightly concerned when she realised that the worms were going to eat the dog poop!

We did a bit of research after realising that store bought poop composters were like nearly $200! We have made the same thing with a large plastic garbage can with lid, a bunch of river rocks for drainage, a micro-organism spray that accelerates decomposition and 1000 worms. 

The Ever Awesome Husband drilled the aformentioned gazillion holes in the garbage can, plus cut the base out completely. Then he dug a hole big enough to bury it most of the way. Chuck some rocks in the bottom, add some compost and dog poo and spray with decomposing accelerator. Then add worms and wet before placing lid securely on. 

Fingers crossed it works!